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Available Services

A relaxing session typically known as a Swedish massage. This soothing service relieves stress and eases muscle tension to help you feel your best. 

*Light to Medium Pressure*

Hot stones are used to warm the muscles, easing the tension and allowing for a deeper level of relaxation, pain relief and wellbeing. 

*Upgrade to deep tissue for an addition $10*

This more vigorous massage relieves tight, sore and over-stressed muscles by using a firmer pressure with site specific focus work on areas of concern. 

*Firm to Deep Pressure*

This 30 minute refreshing facial is perfect if you’re short on time. Customizable to your skincare needs

*Steam and extractions not included*

Massage is customized for the  needs of the expectant mother. This massage will help ease your aching muscles and mind. 

*Light to Medium Pressure* 

 Customizable to your skincare needs. This relaxing facial also  includes a hand massage followed by warm mitts during your steam to pamper you even more! 

The Lemon Honey signature facial has the exfoliating effects of the Lemon Zest Enzyme and the hydrating, anti-bacterial support of the Golden Honey Nourishing Mask to boost the skin's moisture leaving a hydrated smooth surface. 

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